How To Remove Mascara Without Using The Makeup Remover – 6 Great Hacks

How To Remove Mascara Without Using The Makeup Remover - 6 Great Hacks

If you are a makeup lover, you know how essential mascara gives your eyes a perfect look. However, removing it isn’t easy, and makeup removal products aren’t always the best option. They are either expensive or contain chemicals that irritate and dry your skin.

The good news is other methods can help you remove even the most stubborn mascara.

Baby Wipes

One of the best solutions to remove mascara without makeup remover is using baby wipes. They are very gentle, making them perfect for sensitive skin and easy to store and carry, so you can keep them in your bag and remove your mascara whenever and wherever you want.

Baby wipes are also cheaper in cost and very easy to use. Before using one, fold it or cut it in half, then gently wipe away the mascara.

Baby Lotion

If your skin is easily irritated, you should consider using baby lotion. Like baby wipes, they are gentle, and they will neither dry nor irritate the skin.

First, rub the lotion between your fingertips, then apply it to your eyelashes. Next, rub your eyelashes in circular motions to break up the mascara, then wipe it off using a cotton pad. After you are done, wash your face with water and a face cleanser.


Vaseline or petroleum jelly can also do the trick, and you probably already have it in your home. It is cheap, efficient, and hydrates the skin. Vaseline won’t only remove your mascara but make your eyelashes look thicker as well.

To remove the mascara, dab a cotton bud in the vaseline, rub your eyelashes delicately, wipe them with a cotton pad, then cleanse your face. Just be sure not to get any in your eyes.

Micellar Water

You have probably either heard about Micellar Water before or used it yourself. Everyone swears by this product. It is perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive and dry.

Additionally, Micellar water is light and tender on the skin and can be used on delicate areas like your eyelids. This product is strong enough to remove waterproof mascara as well.

Apply a few drops of Micellar water on a cotton pad and softly rub your eyelashes. Keep rubbing until the mascara is completely removed. You can use more than one cotton pad until you remove the product.

Coconut Oil

Everyone knows the many benefits of coconut oil for the skin, but did you know that you can also use it to remove mascara? It can remove all kinds of mascara, even those that are waterproof.

Apply a few drops on a cotton pad and watch the oil do its magic. Make sure that you wash your face afterward. It will take less than a minute since pure oil is usually strong enough to break up even the most stubborn mascara. If you don’t have coconut oil, you can also use olive oil or castor oil.

You can also mix two tablespoons of almond oil, two tablespoons of witch hazel, and two tablespoons of water in an empty bottle. Shake it, apply the mix to a cotton pad and remove the mascara.

Yogurt or Milk

If you prefer natural homemade remedies, you should consider using either milk or yogurt. Milk is also another skin hydrating product.

Dip a cotton pad in yogurt or a glass of milk, then rub your eyelashes until the mascara is removed. Even if you are lactose intolerant, you can still use milk to remove your makeup. However, if you are allergic to dairy products, don’t use it.

Eye Makeup Removing Mistakes to Avoid

Eye Makeup Removing Mistakes to Avoid

You may apply all the tips mentioned here and still have your skin feeling dry or irritated. The reason is probably in how you remove your eye makeup. However, there are a few mistakes that you need to avoid to protect your eyes.

Don’t Rub Your Eyes Harshly

As mentioned earlier, you should rub your eyes gently when removing mascara or any eye makeup. You can’t use force on your eyes; the area around your eyes is very sensitive. Additionally, being harsh can cause redness and fine lines as well. 

Use Cleanser Suitable for Eyes

We can’t stress enough how delicate the area around your skin is. So avoid using harsh products in this area.

For example, regular face wash can dry out the skin on your whole face, and this is the last thing you want for the skin around your eyes. Therefore, opt for makeup wipes that have moisturizers in them as they will hydrate your skin.

Additionally, all the hacks mentioned above are delicate enough and can do the job as well.

Change the Side of the Cotton Pad

When using the same side of the cotton pad, you are basically smudging your face with the makeup you have just removed. Use each side of the cotton pad and when it is all smeared, use another one.

Avoid Using Face Scrubs Near Your Eyes

Face scrubs aren’t the most gentle products for the skin, so using them near your eyes isn’t recommended. Scrubs can break the blood vessels around your eyes and cause micro-tears. Even those claiming they are gentle on your skin can still cause serious problems. 

Cleanse Your Face 

After removing your makeup, you should wash your face with a face cleanser afterward to remove any residue or oils on your skin. However, you shouldn’t cleanse your face to remove your eye makeup, as it will take you forever and cause irritation to the eyes, especially with waterproof mascara.

Mascara is stubborn, and removing it isn’t as easy as other makeup products. It is also applied to the most sensitive part of your skin, so you need to be careful and treat it delicately.

The tips we have mentioned here are incredibly tender on the skin, don’t contain chemicals, and will remove the mascara in no time. You should also pay attention to how you remove your eye makeup and avoid being aggressive. Simply put, treat the area around your eye as if it is a baby.

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