5 Best Travel Toothbrushes to Buy

5 Best Travel Toothbrushes to Buy

You may be packing your things out for the next trip and must be daydreaming about it. Traveling for extended periods can easily make you fall short of personal hygiene. We do not want you to fall off the commitment to maintain your hygiene.

One of the most vital parts of your body is your teeth and gums. Therefore, keeping them clean and healthy is a must for every person. Although, when traveling, you may find it challenging and unhygienic to have the same brush everywhere. Hence, we bring you the best travel toothbrushes that you can carry to every next trip you plan. 

What To Look For In A Toothbrush

Before we begin, we need to look at the defining things that make a travel toothbrush ideal. Hence, here are the top characteristics you should look out for when buying it.


Portability and size play a prominent role in choosing the right travel toothbrush. If you plan to carry a fully-fledged travel cosmetic bag, opting for a full-sized one can become affordable. On the other hand, if you just want to bring a carry-on backpack when you travel, going petite would be optimal.

Manual Versus Electric

It is scientifically proven that electric toothbrushes are better to prevent tooth decay. But are they an efficient choice to carry when traveling? There is a mixed opinion on this topic.

If you plan on going on a long adventure, manual toothbrushes are more reliable as they don’t require charging. If charging is not an issue for you, go for electric ones without a doubt!

Antimicrobial Properties

Having a toothbrush with antimicrobial properties in your backpack proves to be beneficial for you, especially if you tend to throw it into the depths of your bag when touring. Antimicrobial bristles don’t let bacteria grow. Hence, it ensures that your mouth stays as healthy as possible.

Bristle Type

Bristles come in three varieties: soft, medium, and rough. Most prefer a medium bristle variety. Although, if you tend to brush hard, getting a soft variety will help protect your gums and enamel.

Now you would be easily able to categorize the toothbrush according to your needs. Hence, here are the five best travel toothbrushes to buy for you.

Gleem Electric Toothbrush

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Not all electric toothbrushes have to be bulky and cumbersome. Travelers who aim to maintain excellent dental hygiene find this easy-to-pack design the perfect companion for traveling. 

The Gleem electric toothbrush comes equipped with a two-minute timer that allows measuring the brushing duration. The bristles have gently rounded filaments powered with sonic vibrations, making them a perfect plaque removal device.


  • Reasonable price for an electric brush
  • Sleek design 
  • Comes with a travel case


  • “The brush head was too small,” according to users.

Lingito On-The-Go Folding Toothbrush

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The foldable toothbrushes from Lingito are the perfect travel partners for those who aim to pack light. Each package comes with three multicolored brushes small enough to fit anywhere, from your purse to your pockets.

After brushing your teeth, the foldable designs will help to easily store the bristles while keeping them away from dirt. Lingito toothbrushes are clinically recommended for plaque removal. They have gentle bristles that do not damage the tooth enamel and gums. The firm ergonomic grip handle ensures excellent traction even when your hands are wet.


  • Foldable design
  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Comes in a set of three


  • It may not be environmentally friendly.
  1. Colgate Optic White Wisp Disposable Mini Toothbrush

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Colgate Optic White Wisp is a lifesaver for travelers going on short trips. These are storage efficient and will free up significant space in your backpack.

Each disposable brush comes with a built-in sugar-free mint. It dissolves during brushing and delivers a minty freshness to the mouth while the bristles devour the plaque. It is suitable for people having braces and alignments as they require more delicate yet effective bristles for cleaning. 


  • A space-saving size that is a breeze to pack
  • No water or rinsing needed
  • Safely upcycle through the Terracycle recycling program


  • A bit flimsy and challenging to use
  • Requires longer scrubbing due to sparse and short bristles

Gum Folding Travel Toothbrush

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There is a misconception that travel-sized toothbrushes are less effective. Due to its exceptional job at keeping your mouth grime-free, the Gum Folding travel toothbrush breaks all these deceptions.

Travelers may not always have the privilege of drying their brushes out in the air. This moisture is the best breeding ground for bacteria. But you don’t have to worry as this toothbrush comes with a patented antibacterial agent.

Once you brush the teeth, fold it together, and the handle becomes its cover for clean and convenient storage.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Antibacterial bristles 
  • Comes in a set of two


  • A bit flimsy on the hinge area
  • Only comes with soft bristles

Oral-B 3D White Action Power Toothbrush

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The Oral-B 3D toothbrush proves that electric brushes can be affordable and effective at removing plaque at the same time.

With 14,000 strokes per minute, it can polish stains away and remove plaque efficiently. It lessens your work as you only need to glide the brush on your teeth and gums for it to work effectively. 

The Rotating Action Cup brush maintains contact with more of your teeth’s surface due to its concave shape. It better holds the toothpaste and cleans the plaque without any error. The structured bristles offer just enough pressure to efficiently remove food particles and plaque between each tooth.

Oral-B 3D White Action Power Toothbrush also comes with six modes: Gum Care, Daily Clean, Whitening, Sensitive, Tongue Cleaning, and Pro-Clean.


  • Rotating cupped bristles help in cleaning more surface area
  • Antimicrobial bristles
  • Great price


  • According to some users,  the brush head is a bit too big

Choose Your Pick

These were our top five picks for the best travel toothbrush to buy. Make sure you choose the one that fits your style and needs. Look into the vital criteria. Pick the one that goes along with your travel plans, budget, and provides portability. 

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