Which Gum Is Best For Whitening Teeth? Our Top 6

Which Gum Is Best For Whitening Teeth?

When it comes to believing everything said in advertisements, we are often indecisive. The tall claims made by certain advertising campaigns may sound too good to be true.

You may find hacks on the internet that say chewing whitening gum, baking soda, and rigorous brushing to whiten teeth. They are not entirely wrong, but rather than take extreme measures such as scrubbing your teeth with soda, let us try something simpler. 

A doubt that many may share is whether chewing gum can whiten teeth. It sounds quixotic, and that’s why we find it difficult to believe. So is it possible? Read on to find out. 

Can Chewing Gum Whiten Teeth

There is no contesting that chewing gum alleviates oral problems like fighting bad breath and helps increase saliva production. It is also known for helping people get rid of unwanted stress and calming them down.

Chewing gums do not whiten teeth like you would imagine it to be (or how it’s shown in ads). Nevertheless, certain ingredients found in teeth whitening chewing gums have properties that reduce the staining of teeth. Thus, making them seem brighter and whiter.

These stains form due to the regular consumption of coffee, tobacco products, and smoking. With time, they may cause severe discolouration of the teeth. Chewing gum has been found effective in removing these dark spots from teeth. 

Chewing gum after meals has also been found to reduce the risk of cavities. This is because it produces more saliva that washes away food residue from the mouth. As a general rule, choosing gums that contain xylitol and other whitening agents would ensure that you get whiter teeth. However, we must let you know that these results have only been found with regular use up to 4 times a day. You will not get said results by using these gums once in a while. 

Nevertheless, it may be a better option than many other whitening methods that lead to increased sensitivity in teeth and loss of tooth enamel in removing surface stains. 

Best Teeth Whitening Gums We Bet On

While there are hundreds of products available on the market, finding the ones that have some benefits is a taxing job. The cardinal rule here is always to pick sugar-free gum to avoid causing more problems than you are solving. 

Here are our top picks of chewing gums that have whitening properties. Please note that the sequence in which the products are reviewed does not indicate a ranking system and is done completely randomly. 

Orbit White Sugarfree Gum

Available in multiple flavours, this chewing gum is no stranger to us. The strong flavour leaves us feeling fresh while also allowing us to reap maximum benefits from its ingredients. 

This gum consists of xylitol and less than 2% natural and artificial flavours. Ingredients like titanium oxide and sodium bicarbonate increase the abrasiveness of the gum resulting in effective removal of stains. 

Trident White Sugarfree Gum

You get whiter teeth if you chew this gum after every meal with a minimum of five calories. This gum has a long-lasting flavour, and while you enjoy its freshness, the gum fights plaque and restores the pH balance of your mouth. 

Trident also contains Titanium Dioxide, which is added for flavour but is an ingredient that increases the abrasiveness of the gum while chewing it.

Supersmile Whitening Gum

Developed by a renowned dental specialist, this gum freshens breath and improves overall oral health. It contains specially formulated calcium peroxide components that dissolve sticky bio-film that stays on teeth. 

It effectively fights plaque and bacteria and is free of parabens or harmful dyes and bleaching agents. This sugar-free gum cleans teeth without leaving them prone to sensitivity. 

Vitacare Whitening Gum

This gum is not only sugar-free but also gluten-free and is infused with vitamins A, C. D, and E. It also contains calcium which is essential for healthy teeth. The citric acid in the gum uses its erosive properties to remove stains effectively.

It also contains tetrasodium pyrophosphate, an anti-plaque, anti-calculus agent found to be very effective in getting rid of stubborn stains. 

Mentos Pure White Chewing Gum

The guilt-free way to whiten teeth is how the brand chooses to define this product. It contains more xylitol, a natural sweetener, making it sweeter and healthier than other brands.

The other ingredients work towards achieving a fresher, whiter, and brighter smile.  

Extra Chewing Gum

Another good option to clean your teeth while enjoying minty freshness, this gum also contains ingredients that support the effective removal of stains. Check whether all the flavours have whitening ingredients like titanium dioxide and malic acid.  

To Conclude

The regular use of whitening toothpaste removes surface stains. It is with abrasive ingredients and other agents capable of removing stains that chewing gums whiten teeth. They do not traditionally work like teeth whitening products like toothpaste or whitening strips. 

Since there is a chance of ingestion, most brands do not use any harmful bleaching agents in making chewing gum. Thus, even though you may not get pearly whites after chewing teeth whitening gum, you will attain teeth that are significantly cleaner and stain-free than before. 

However, it is always advisable to take professional advice from a dental practitioner if you wish to get whiter teeth and remove plaque or cavities. We do not recommend using these gums in cases where medical intervention is necessary. 

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